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Crash diets may give temporary results but can harm your body in the long run. Here are reasons why you should go on a crash diet:

  1. It crashes your metabolism

Yes you got it correct!Crash dieting means malnourishment in short.When you famish yourself the body slows down its breakdown because it needs energy to sustain.Therefore when you drastically cut down the amount of calories you have been consuming for so long the body begins storage of extra fat rather than burning it.So eventually you would gain heaviness as an alternative of losing it, in fact only you would be accountable for damaging the weight loss process.

  1. It leads to drop in blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia)

To sum it all; insulin, carbohydrates and fat stowing are interrelated. Carbohydrate ingesting leads to insulin creation and insulin helps the storage of fats.So essentially if you starve yourself for long there can be a severe drop in the blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia) leading to starvation pangs which would finally lead to starch binging. Too much of simple carbohydrate ingesting can lead to fat storing in the body.

  1. It leads to loss of water and protein

The weight loss you see on the measure is not essentially fat loss.While you are on crash diets you incline to lose more of body water and proteins in fact these are the first nutrients which your figure tries to get rid of.Extra of water and protein loss can lead to dehydration,faintness,weariness and irritability. This kind of mass loss can turn into mass gain very soon once you are back to the usual timetable.

Always consult a good dietician if you need to work upon your body. Losing weigh the healthy way is the best option for a good lifestyle.


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