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Losing weight was always a challenge for me. The reasons were many but most of all it was due to my Thyroid problem & hogging upon junk food every now and then. All of this had taken a toll over my health and of course my body weight too!

My weight-loss journey began in the year June 2018 when I hit a record 126.4kg. It didn’t seem to matter which diet I did my consequences were sad.  That is when I decided that it is time I take some professional help. I needed to be guided by a professional who would help me lose the unwanted weight the healthy way!

That is when a friend recommended me to visit Restorelife where I met Ekta Jain. Little did I know at that time that my meeting with her was going to be a turning point in my career and for all good reasons! With her guidance throughout, I felt amazing and had started to participate in my life rather than being a spectator. After a month or so I felt like my body had had it enough but thanks to Ekta ma’am’s efforts and guidance it was always a temporary feeling. She always told me that it’s not about dieting but actually about leading a healthy & heart life

With her consultation, exercise plan & diet plan, it was amazing to literally just watch the weight falling off.  It was astonishing to be eating healthy and to not feel hungry at all.  It was amazing to be able to run and carry out my usual daily routine without feeling exhausted and stir-crazy as you often can do on diets.  It was wonderful to have friends commenting week to week on being “the incredible vanishing woman”.  After all the hindrance of the previous 8 or 9 months this was exactly the boost I wanted.  The inspiration that is so difficult to maintain in most diets was there because the results were coming thick and fast.


Ekta ma’am is amazing.  She was never more than an email or call away if I had questions that needed responding, if I needed assurance or if I just wanted to talk about my development or my day.  I emailed her nearly every day with my progress.

For all those struggling with their weight or any other health issues, I will always & highly recommend a visit to her at Restorelife. She is someone who will restore your lost faith in you and inculcate a positive approach that will lead you towards a happy & healthy life.


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