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What a female eats and drinks all through her pregnancy is her baby’s chief source of nutrition. So, specialists commend that a mother-to-be should choose a variety of healthy foods and drinks to provide the vital nutrients a baby needs for development and growth.

A pregnant lady requiresextra calcium, folic acid, iron and protein than a lady who is not expecting as per the best doctors in India.

Folic acid a nutrient found in food is a B vitamin that is importantpreventing birth flaws in the baby’s brain and spinal cord that are called as neural tube disorders.

Calcium is a mineral that helps in making baby’s bone and teeth strong. If a pregnant lady does not eat enough calcium, the mineral will be consumed from the mother’s supplies in her bones and given to the baby to encounter the extra needs of pregnancy, as per the dieticians. Pregnant ladies can consume dairy products that are filled with vitamin D and other substances that can increase calcium intake to make baby’s teeth and bones stronger.

Pregnant females require 27 milligrams of iron every day, which is double the amount wanted by women who are not pregnant, according to doctors. Extra amounts of the mineral are wanted to make more blood to source the baby with oxygen. Receiving too little iron throughout pregnancy can lead to anaemia, a disorder that causes and risks of fatal infections.

Eating foods that are high in iron are always recommended for pregnant ladies. For example consumption of orange juice every morning is a good way to increase iron intake.


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