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It makes you look younger

Since green tea helps combat swelling and slows the aged of cells (thanks antioxidants!), it can reduce wrinkle growth and make your skin look livelier and newer. It may help to recoverfrom a sun injury: dip a cotton ball into the residual green tea in your cup and apply it all over your skin.

It makes you smarter

According to a studyconductedby best doctors and dieticians, green tea cutting may advance message between parts of our brain. When training members consumed green tea extract (in a protein drink) they achieved better on short-term memory tests than members who did not drink the tea. A separate study carried out on mice displayed that green tea protected brain cells from disappearing and improved injured brain cells.

It helps you shed kilos

Studies have revealed that the flavonoids and in green tea can aid raise metabolic rate and upsurge fat oxidation. One training displayed that those who drank green tea lost aregular of 1.5kg throughout a three-month period, while staying on their routine diet.

It’ll give you a brighter smile

Some training have revealed that catechin (the antioxidant established in green tea) can destroy bacteria and diseases that cause throat toxicities, dental caries and other dental disorder.

It gives you a healthy heart

The antioxidant properties of green tea will surely help in improving the quality of your heart and make it immune to sickness. Studies have revealed that those who drank green tea regularly are more likely to have a stronger heart than those who did not.


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