About Restorelife

The foundation of good health is based on a well-balanced diet. For a healthy living it is very important that your body’s everyday functioning must be maintained. This is only possible through proper and healthy nutrition. Restorelife comes to your rescue to help you guide through this.

We help you find detailed nutrition information pertaining to your health & well-being. We assist you in analysing your body, fitness and nutritional requirements and provide you with customized meal plans. With these services, we aim towards refining the health & well-being of each individual. We want to make it easier for individuals to choose healthy foods and a fit lifestyle.

Restorelife is established on these values and goals by our Nutritional Coach Ms. Ekta Jain. Her real life struggles with her fitness and her transformation gave birth to Restorelife that today serves thousands of individuals and strives towards giving them a healthier future.

About EktaJain

Always the chubby kid in school, My struggles followed me well into adulthood. I had always been a foodie. But then, when I became pregnant with my first child, Prisha. I was enjoying the experience of motherhood but suddenly after 6 months a news hit me like a bolt of lightning! The doctors diagnosed the my precious baby was an IUGR ( INTRA UTERINE GROWTH) kid. Prisha’s growth was retarded in my womb at 6th month. At first I couldn’t fathom what had happened. Many unanswered questions began tormenting me. Questions like, why me? Where did I go wrong? Will my child have a normal life? How can I help my child grow?

There and then my quest to find these answers and a fight for fitness for my baby and myself started. I was prescribed complete bed rest for the remaining 3 months. I was given a long list of do’s and don’ts which trust me I followed verbatim. Prisha was only 1 kg at birth and doctors were not sure about her survival. After 4 months of staggering struggle, sleepless nights and intensive care Prisha became 2kg. Only then the doctors confirmed her survival and normal life ahead .

After that I started working on my fitness. I had to loose the 25 Kgs I had gained during pregnancy. I reduced my weight from 85 Kgs to 49Kgs. After 7 years I conceived again. Doctors had already predicted IUGR for my unborn child. Hence from the very first trimester I followed a strict regime. It was a matter of life and death for me. But in spite of all my hardwork we found that the baby’s growth had started to retard from 7th month. I was pregnant with a IUGR baby AGAIN. But this declaration made the mother in me more determined. I became even more disciplined. Doctors declared that I could go into hypertension anytime now. But finally God blessed my hard work with a healthy baby. My son Aarush is perfectly healthy and I did not develop PIH. Doctors proclaim it to be a miracle. Later I again reduced my weight and between all this struggle I realized the importance of fitness and right diet.

I realized that I want to make people aware of the importance of fitness and I was ready to do anything for it. Hence I got myself certified as ADVANCE DIET AND NUTRITION expert. I excelled in my exams and now I am practicing disease management, lifestyle management, weight management for all age groups. I also got myself certified as a Zumba Instructor. I will not rest until I quench my thirst for fitness for myself and the people around me.